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Bakery - Confectionery is one of the most complex craft professions and requires a very wide range of knowledge both at the technical and business level. Kyriakopoulos company has received all the necessary knowledge and expertise so that they can meet the current and future requirements of the profession.

In the field of bakery and confectionery, Kyriakopoulos company has bakery and confectionery machinery in Greece offering complete and economical solutions to the professional baker and confectioner. Of course due to our collaborations with the largest international and domestic representatives of the industry we can offer you all the necessary solutions from other companies, to meet your needs.


The engineers of Kyriakopoulos company are at your disposal 24 hours a day and offer a rich experience in terms of supporting the bakery and confectionery industry. The service department has a full range of skills from programming machines according to the customer's needs to diagnosing and resolving errors and damages. The engineers of Kyriakopoulos company can repair minor damage within a reasonable period of time thus providing the safety to the baker-confectioner of the minimum possible interruption of the production process.

For out-of-hours services or emergency services, please call us at the mobile phone number listed in the contact details.


Kyriakopoulos company can supply spare parts for all the equipment offered in a bakery and confectionery industry.

For the parts we already have at our disposal, we can offer same day or next business day delivery depending on your business needs.

Repairs Service Marketing & Remanufactures Of Bakery & Confectionery Machinery

Years' experience

The technology used by Kyriakopoulos, whether it is mixing materials, handling dough or baking, offers a wide range of baking equipment for each phase of the process. Kyriakopoulos is known for the quality of the services provided both in terms of the service of the machinery and the consulting for the purchase of used or new bakery and confectionery machinery. Our company also offers autonomous equipment for the production process.

Immediate Service

We provide you with 24-hour technical support nationwide. We are next to all professional bakers and confectioners in whatever need is presented. The company's headquarters are located in privately owned facilities in the area of Artemida, Andros and Mytilene 9. Our company cooperates with the main international representatives of bakery and confectionery machinery. With the primary thought the incomparable quality along with the best prices of the market, kyriakopoulos company, with special love and passion for the bakery and confectionery and its marketing continues its upward course. Our experience in the field of bakery and confectionery machinery as well as their impeccable mechanical operation, ensure not only the necessary ergonomic and safe operation of the machinery, but also the increase of production potential.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with any additional information you may need.


Do you guarantee the equipment and accessories ordered by your company?

Yes. We offer a 12-month warranty for the new machines if the prescribed operating conditions and 90 days for the parts ordered by our company and placed by us have been complied with.

I'm worried about my service after buying a machine. Does Kyriakopoulos provide me with any guarantees regarding my efficient service?

Yes. Kyriakopoulos company is interested in the satisfaction of each customer, which is why it proposes maintenance by appointment or through an annual contract to study the condition of the machine purchased through our partner companies.

Does the sale of machinery concern only businesses or individuals?

Kyriakopoulos supplies bakery and confectionery facilities, retail outlets, factories and supermarkets or individuals?

Is your staff specialized?

All the technicians of Kyriakopoulos company are fully trained to meet the needs of each service that can arise in a production unit. In special cases, a more specialised specialty may be called to cover any damage, for example in the event of an electrical failure.


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Repairs Marketing & Remanufactures Of Bakery & Confectionery Machinery

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