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T his Days, the production of baguette is divided into two main types: the classic (baked in trays) and the traditional baguette, which is actually a type of traditional bread production. Kyriakopoulos company can offer solutions for the production of both types of baguettes.
Classic baguette
For the classic baguette, a high-speed baguette production line, based on modern technology, can combine high capacity with the production of top quality products. The manning level of this industrial production line is minimal and is limited to one operator for decorating the dough.
Traditional baguette
For the production of traditional bagulates, with rustic appearance and purity of taste, Kyriakopoulos company offers various solutions. The decoration of the dough is available on all production lines concerning the specific type of bread. Baking in stone contributes to the appearance and feel of the traditional industrial baguette and the ovens are available for the type of finished or ceilinged.

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